Wednesday, December 02, 2009


OMG, save us from homeowners....

People are scary..
this is the kind of milarkey I get on DIY help sites ALL the time:

hey i plan on adding a service panel and a 220 line to my garage but im kind of lost on what im going to have to do i have some lights that i plan on putting on there that warm up and come on the big industrial lights, maybe 4 electric plugs to charge drill batterys, boost a car if it dies. run a 110 volt welder, and eventually add a big compressor maybe like a 3hp my garage is only maybe 6 feet away from my house but my main power is way in the front of the house which is maybe 35 45 ft from the back of the garage im trying to figure out what size power wire i would need to run to make this happen.....
Create a true load calculation for the subpanel installation based on intended installed load plus an allowance for expansion.
Find the true conductor distance from your service panel to the location of your subpanel.
Call a qualified electrician, because I will not direct novices in the process of burning down their properties.
You want to do it yourself? Do your own homework and learn what it takes to install what you want and send me a detailed description of your proposed project for review.
I have invested 35 years in my education.
This service may not cost anything, but it ain't free, brother.

Can you imagine someone calling their doctor and suggesting they want to remove their own gall bladder because they can save a few dollars? What grade of suture should I use? Heaven help us all....

I am an electrician, working in the Philadelphia area for 35 years.

I answer questions on FAQFarm and contribute to Google answers, among others, including my own FAQ page, Philadelphia electrician answers electrical FAQ!

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