Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Why do I need an electrical permit?

The homeowner just didn't want a permit!

The following text is a note sent today to the homeowner who refuses to have a permit and inspection:

"Thank you for considering providing an opportunity to be of service.

I can appreciate your position regarding the coercive nature of the requirements set forth, nor do I disapprove of your views in the least.
Even so, licensing and permit processes are established in the tenor of offering a guarantee of, at worst, minimally qualified personnel providing, at the least, minimally adequate code compliant installations.
The establishment and adoption of these standards by the municipality authorizes substantial penalties for both the owner and installer should they elect to evade the permit process, if discovered.
This system is intended to secure the safety and peace of mind of yourself and your family.
If an unfortunate situation resulting in a loss should develop from improper wiring, an unlicensed installer may not be insured and your own insurance may reject a claim.

Unfortunately, as a licensed electrical contractor, I cannot lightly overlook the impact of these obligations and the potential consequences.
Though you would be paying the fees, I will be the party interacting with the township.

Please feel free to call if I may be of any assistance.

Best regards


Robert Wilber
Electrical Services
142 Cambridge Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406
PA Home Improvement Contractor Registration # PA057101
Philadelphia License # 3516 16765
Licensed Philadelphia electrician"


Circuit breaker for the refrigerator keeps tripping

Don't just reset tripping breakers!

I received an inquiry today from someone with a tripping breaker.

After power outage circuit breaker for the refrigerator keep tripping

Define "power outage"
Was the whole neighborhood out?
...just YOUR house?
...just the fridge?
Did the breaker trip during the outage?
...or after power was restored?
...or was it the cause of the outage?
Does the breaker trip if everything is unplugged from the circuit?

Why do you keep resetting the breaker if you haven't isolated the cause?

A circuit breaker is NOT a repair device.
Continuously resetting the circuit breaker and closing it on a fault is not going to fix the fault! ...but it might start a fire! It is like continually striking a match in the same place!

If you can't determine the cause call a qualified electrician. If you live in the Philadelphia area call a licensed Philadelphia electrician!

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