Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Circuit breaker for the refrigerator keeps tripping

Don't just reset tripping breakers!

I received an inquiry today from someone with a tripping breaker.

After power outage circuit breaker for the refrigerator keep tripping

Define "power outage"
Was the whole neighborhood out?
...just YOUR house?
...just the fridge?
Did the breaker trip during the outage?
...or after power was restored?
...or was it the cause of the outage?
Does the breaker trip if everything is unplugged from the circuit?

Why do you keep resetting the breaker if you haven't isolated the cause?

A circuit breaker is NOT a repair device.
Continuously resetting the circuit breaker and closing it on a fault is not going to fix the fault! ...but it might start a fire! It is like continually striking a match in the same place!

If you can't determine the cause call a qualified electrician. If you live in the Philadelphia area call a licensed Philadelphia electrician!

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